Aircraft Management

Owning your own airplane can give you access to an entirely different lifestyle both personally and professionally. The ability to move quickly can help you expand your business and keep better tabs on remote locations. Fast and direct travel to will allow you to take a dream vacation in a quiet, out of the way place but you won’t have to spend all day getting there.

Even so, aviation can present a whole new set of tasks for a busy person that might just keep them from getting involved in the first place. We can help you manage those tasks and remove those hindrances.

Let The Flight Academy take care of your airplane and pilot staffing needs. We’ll keep track of every maintenance item, ensure the plane is kept clean and ready to go, and even provide a professional pilot for any flight if desired. All of our pilots are also instructors so you can learn along the way or just leave the flying to us after a long day’s work. We can even fly your employees or family members to meet you if you don’t have the time.