Total Pilot Solution

lakeThe Platinum Package:

Fly on your schedule with your own pilot!  Start using your aircraft immediately to get to business meetings, your vacation home, or have your pilot fly your business partners around.  You can do all this while learning to fly at the pace you set in your own aircraft using the Total Pilot Solution.

Your pilot will act as your flight department so that you can conduct business efficiently and easily.  Fly into and out of the local smaller airports on your schedule.  Get out of the airport security line and save valuable time.

Your pilot is also an expert in the Cirrus who will teach you while incorporating flying into your lifestyle.  Take lessons on your way to meetings, vacations, or when you have free time.  The Platinum Package puts a pilot at your home base for an entire year to ease your transition into the world of aviation.

You do not need to learn to fly.  We can provide you a pilot who acts solely as your corporate pilot.

Our team of Cirrus experts will provide complete aircraft management.  The details of owning your own aircraft are removed – just fly and enjoy!

Tailored Package:

brochure-bgWant to learn to fly in your plane at your airport and on your schedule, but only for a few months?  Are you already a pilot but want to take more time to learn your Cirrus and become a true master of the aircraft?  Want to earn your private license and instrument rating but take some more time?

We can tailor a program that is three or six months long and we’ll work with you to determine the best option for your needs.

Similar to the Platinum Package, we’ll place a Cirrus expert in your town for the duration.